We partner with exceptional founders with unique app ideas, from inception to launch.

Receive A Direct Capital Contribution up to $50,000 to develop and launch App Startup.

Modus Operandi [MO]

Opportunity and resources to seed early stage startups. 


Enrollment application received, reviewed, and approved for our program.


Direct capital contribution up to $50,000 into select startups to develop and launch mobile app.


Full suite of app development resources dedicated to app production for iOS and Android. 


Pre-launch marketing support and deployment to mobile app marketplace.

More Than Just App Development [AD]

Focused on full picture development and long-term success.


Detailed marketing and launch strategy execution for maximum app downloads post launch.


Full native app development iOS and Android for mobile applications accepted.


Deploy mobile applications to app store marketplace with full post launch development support.

Portfolio [P]

Great products are built by great teams. Our portfolio is growing with innovative mobile apps and lucrative founder partnerships.

BodyFrame Inc. $42,000 Startup Capital Contribution 


Requirements [R]

Synergy, work ethic, and dedication are the core of our venture partnerships. Eligibility is dependent on:


Founder commitment. Our selection process relies heavily on the company founders. We look to build long-term partnerships with dedicated team members and grow a successful company for years to come. 


Work ethic. We move quickly and require our partners to be fully committed to the development of their app and ready to put in the time necessary for success.


Vested. We require our partners to have invested a portion of start up capital into their app idea prior to submission into our program. 


Preparation. Market research, competitive analysis, and awareness of where the app idea can be positioned in the marketplace is required. 


Concept. We look to partner with innovative mobile applications that improve user's quality of life, adds inherent value, and have the potential to shape the future to come. 

Receive A Direct Capital Contribution up to
$50,000 to develop and launch App Startup.